In 2012 Martin Blix (the Bandit), Dr. Mateo (the Masked Man), and Dave LaRoxx (The Clown) made some pure Italo disco-magic.

Their band Italove has made it big in Mexico and now, the rest of the world has also been seduced. With more than 4.000 000 views on Youtube, their glamorous music videos have contributed to the hype. Together with Italo disco legends Ken Laszlo and Fred Ventura, they have recorded the singles Disco Queen and Never Surrender.

Their music has also appeared in award-winning Swedish movies Dyke Hard and Aerobics - a Love Story.
In 2017 Italove released their first Album - simply called the Album. With the success of the Album Italove made a performance in front of 16 000 people at the Patrick Miller Fest in Mexico City.

After the release of the documentary Italo Disco legacy in which Italove is interviewed and made a performance of their hit Follow me to Mexico. Martin Blix was invited to make a promotion performance at the legendary Berlin club Berghain.